Artis Story

Artis is the Latin word meaning: "skill, method, technique, conduct, character."  

From the way that they look, to the way that they perform, Artis brushes are designed to give you a better beauty experience.


Created by Matthew Waitesmith, an accomplished artist, photographer, and lifelong innovator. Matthew’s inspiration for Artis came from training tens of thousands of makeup artists over 30 years. He was a pioneer in recognizing that the entire category of beauty tools was based on an "artist-applies-to-the-canvas" premise—someone applying product on someone/something else. And he asked himself: how different is the experience when the artist is the canvas?

The answer is: a totally different beauty paradigm. So he brought his disruptive perspective to the process of makeup self-application, to design and create a new category of beauty tools which enable a more natural and ergonomic experience.

He questioned everything conventional, and thought obsessively about every detail, when designing this line he called Artis, using the Latin word for "skill, method, technique, conduct, character." 

Today, Artis designs and offers instruments that are both beautiful to see and handle, and functionally superior to use for perfected blending and more flawless results.