Starry Night, The Makeup Story

  Starry Night, Face Chart

Starry Night, Face Chart

"I wanted to create a look inspired by a night sky that evoked a field of stars, twinkling. The model [Danielle with Elite] would be caught at a moment of blissful thinking about the night sky, and what it must be like to be a star."

To help with the transformation, the Artis styling team found a vintage hooded piece, richly embedded with crystals, by John Scher from the 1980's. John Scher hit the fashion scene in 1972 at the age of 10, when he got his big break with Mademoiselle in 1972. Later he shot to fame in 1996. He always liked very beautiful, rich fabrics in clean, classic shapes and continues to design along the same lines with his clothing in such prestigious stores as Bergdorf Goodman and Fred Segal. Scher's sparkling hood in the photo frames Danielle's face and plays hand in hand with her makeup.


About the Artist

Matthew Waitesmith has been doing makeup and hair for over 30 years. With degrees in both business and fine art, after university he realized he could paint on people, sculpt hair and have a  career as a makeup/hair artist. That career allowed him to work in many major cities all around the world.

He describes his point of view as mostly graphically influenced with colour as the accent.

He likes to focus mostly on first creating graphic shapes on the face, enhancing and balancing the facial symmetry and contrasts, and then he layers colour over those foundational shapes.

His influences are natural shapes that have been infused with man-made sensibilities and refinements. He likes to see images of people that range from completely natural to a hyper realistic rendition, depending on the statement to be made or the context of the art objective.

Brushes used to achieve this Look: