1800s AD - Makeup Recipes

For freckle removal: squeeze the juice out of chick-weed, add three times its quantity of soft water, then bathe the skin for five to ten minutes morning and evening.

Complexion enhancer: one teaspoon of flour of sulphur and a wine glassful of lime water, shake well and mixed with half a wine-glass of glycerin and a wine-glass of rose-water. Rub on the face every night before going to bed.

Remove gray from hair: four ounces of hulls of butternuts are infused with a quart of water, to which half an ounce of copperas was added. Apply to hair with a soft brush every two to three days.

Wrinkle removal: melt one ounce of white wax, add two ounces of juice of lily-bulbs, two ounces of honey, two drams of rose-water, and a drop or two of ottar of roses and use on the skin twice a day. 

2matthew waitesmith