A Quick Guide to Using Artis


When you pick up your Artis for the first time,

forget what you have been taught about conventional makeup brushes.”


What are Artis Brushes Made of?

  • Instead of animal hair bristles, Artis brushes are made with proprietary, animal-free CosmeFibre, for efficient use of product, superior blending, and flawless results.
  • Artis Elite Collection brushes are produced using a proprietary metal alloy, similar to what is used in the manufacture of luxury car engines, for its unique attributes.


How Do I Use My Artis?

  • You can use your Artis with all cosmetic and skincare formulas.
  • Allow the tips of the animal-free CosmeFibre to do the work for you. We always use CosmeFibre, never bristles or hair.
  • With gentle control: lightly grip the handle of the brush in a way that feels natural to you.
  • You only need a whisper of product! Remember “less is more,” as the fibre tips do not absorb/hold onto your product.
  • For powder product pickup, glide the tips of the fibres onto your powder.
  • For liquid and cream, don’t apply directly to the brush fibres. Either dot product onto your skin, or pick up a small amount from the Artis Brush Palette or back of your hand.
  • Glide in soft, continuous, circular and back and forth motions, instead of stippling or bouncing the brush.
  • If you can see your skin moving around a lot, you’re using too much pressure, and should relax.


How and When Should I Clean?

It’s important to clean your brush after each use for optimal performance, and it’s a quick, effective process using the Artis Brush Cleaning System. There are 3 recommended ways to clean your Artis:

Clearing: If you’re using mostly powder products, like an eye shadow or powder foundation, swipe your brush on the Brush Cleaning Pad a few times before switching to the next product in your routine.

Cleansing: If you’re using mostly liquid and cream products, place a small amount of Brush Cleansing Foam directly on the Brush Cleaning Pad. Dip the tips of the brush fibres in the Foam and gently swipe the tips across the Cleaning Pad. Dry time is approximately 3-5 minutes. 

Deep Cleansing: If your brush accumulates too much makeup or cleansing product residue, you should give it a “shower” with warm water and mild soap. Then thoroughly rinse the fibre bundle until completely clean, and absorb any excess water with a soft towel. Allow your brushes to dry overnight.


Which Brush Do I Use for Which Part of My Beauty Experience?

Pick the brush that best matches the area of your face or body you’re applying product to.

Oval 10/8: The Oval 8 and Oval 10 are best known for applying and blending foundation, bronzer, contour or powder all-over the face or body because of their larger bundle size.

Oval 7/6: The Oval 6 and Oval 7 are best known for seamless application and blending of foundation, concealer, blush, highlight, contour, bronzer and setting powder to the face.

Oval 4/3: The Oval 3 and Oval 4 are best known for applying and blending eyeshadow, concealer, contour and highlight.

Linear 1/1D: The Linear 1 and Linear 1 Demi are best known for applying and blending eyebrow color, eye liner, eyeshadow and lip liner due to their precise size and shape.

Linear 3/3D/6: The Linear 3, Linear 3 Demi and Linear 6 are best known for applying and blending eyebrow color, eye liner, eyeshadow and contour.

Circle 1/1R: The Circle 1 and Circle 1R are detail brushes, perfect for applying and seamlessly blending lip color, concealer or eyeshadow.

Palm Brush/Mini: A brush designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, for applying and seamlessly blending liquids, creams, powders and skincare to the face and body.

For further information check out our Artis Usage Checklist below.