How often should I clean or replace the Microfibre Cloth of the Brush Cleaning Pad?

Everyone has a different sense of when something is clean, so the frequency of when you clean your brushes and how well you clean is something personal. 

If you use the Brush Cleaning Pad daily, we suggest you consider washing it or replacing it at least weekly. If you are a Professional Makeup Artist you should consider washing or replacing the Mircrofibre Cloth more frequently than the home makeup user, because you are working on many different clients as opposed to just one.

Although the Microfibre Cloth has been treated with an anti-microbial treatment, that does not take the place of keeping it clean from the accumulated makeup debris, so please keep it as clean as you are comfortable with.

You can wash the Microfibre Cloth up to about 10-15 times by hand or in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, and still maintain the treatment. After that, the anti-microbial treatment is no longer viable, but the Microfibre Cloth will still effectively remove and clean makeup debris from the Artis Brushes.

Avoid putting the laundered Microfibre Cloth in a hot dryer, as the fibres may be slightly degraded by the high heat of some clothes dryer devices. To maintain the fibre structure longer, you can let the Microfibre Cloth air dry.