Is it true that animals whose fur is used for the manufacture of makeup brushes are treated cruelly? Don't they just snip off hairs - the way they do when shearing sheep, or do the animals die?

Unfortunately, there is no uniform standard of ethical treatment for the animals used in the food industry. This is the industry that provides the hairs used in the manufacture of cosmetic brushes. The worldwide demand for cosmetic brushes has been dramatically increasing, and most of the supply comes from Asia and Asia Pacific countries. The farmers who raise and "harvest" the animals used for cosmetic brushes don't often care much about the conditions they keep for the animals. So, there are cases of horrible treatment of animals used for food/ fur and cosmetic brush hair. Organizations like PETA have worked for years to try and bring awareness to consumers of where there animal-derived products come from and how the animals are treated during the process. There are some videos available which capture the type of treatment these animals endure, and some are very disturbing. Those of use who have worked in the industry for years have mostly ignored the issue, and were told by cosmetic brush sellers that the hairs were obtained ethically. But, once you think about it, it becomes obvious that most hairs used for cosmetic brush purposes could not all be simply snipped off the animal. Once you see a brush factory and see the workers with piles of squirrel and other animal tails on the table where they work, suddenly you realize those animals are not back at the farm growing new tails or pelts. We want to take animals out of the equation all together. Now there is no need for an animal to suffer to make a superior quality cosmetic brush.