How can I clean my brushes?

The best method is to use our Brush Cleaning Pad and Foaming Brush Cleanser, which thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the fibres. It also is formulated so that dry time is only a few minutes, unlike other brands of cleansers. Use the Foaming Brush Cleanser along with the Brush Cleaning Pad with microfibre cloth, and your brushes will be clean, fresh-smelling and sanitized in just minutes. Dispense a small dollop of the foam onto the Cleaning Pad surface, then dip the tips of the brush into the foam and proceed to move the tips back and forth across the clean surface of the microfibre cloth until all makeup debris is removed form the brush tips, and any foam residue is thoroughly removed from the brush fibre bundle. For removal of really sticky or stubborn pigments or formulas, repeat the foam application and cleaning procedure several times until all the residue is gone from the fibre bundle. Occasionally, if you notice a residue buildup and see the fibres begin to cluster together or get stiff, rinse the fibre bundle under warm/hot water to make sure all the cleaning, or makeup residue, is washed away. To clean the handle and grip pad, use a dry or slightly damp soft cloth.