What makes Artis brushes different than the ones I already have?

Artis® Brushes are entirely unique. They are designed for self-application, unlike conventional makeup brushes that were designed to put product on something else or someone else. Artis® Brushes are designed to fit more comfortably in your hand and to apply product to the skin more ergonomically. Even the metal-plated handles are strategically weighted to provide more balance and ease of control. Artis® Brushes use a trademarked fibre called CosmeFibre® that is man-made, instead of conventional makeup brushes which are made with animal hairs such as goat, pony, and weasel. Using man-made fibre helps avoid the sensitivities many people have with animal hair, and also provides an ethical choice and consistent manufacturing quality. CosmeFibre® is more resistant to chemicals, UV, wear, and even has a memory that helps them keep their shape. The tip of every single CosmeFibre® is tapered to the size of around 3 microns which can’t be seen with the naked eye. This not only helps to deliver the most gentle makeup application you have ever felt, but also provides superior delivery of makeup formulas. Each Artis® Brush has 3-10 times more individual fibres than their closest counterpart in conventional makeup brushes. For example, the Oval 10 brush uses more than 250,000 individual fibres in each brush.