What is the best way to clean Artis Brushes?

The best method of cleaning Artis brushes is to use the Artis Cleaning Pad and Brush Cleansing Foam. Artis brushes are designed to have thousands of tiny filaments each with a microscopically small tapered end. These ends are where the bulk of the application and blending takes place. So, cosmetic and makeup product is mostly focused on just the tips of the fibres. Using the Brush Cleaning Pad helps release and remove makeup debris from these fibre tips, and "clears" your brush to apply other products. Be sure to remove all traces of the foam from the brush fibres either by wiping it away using a cloth or Brush Cleaning Pad, or by rinsing with water. When using thick liquids or emollients, you should add the use of the Brush Cleansing Foam along with the Brush Cleaning Pad. The Brush Cleansing Foam will help break down the makeup particles so that they more easily are removed when moving the brush tips across the Microfibre Cloth of the Cleaning Pad. In some cases, the makeup formula might be very viscous, and may require you to repeat the foam and cloth procedure until all makeup debris is removed.  If you mostly use powders on a daily basis and use the Brush Cleaning Pad and/or Brush Cleansing Foam between applications, you may not need to deep clean your brush for days. If you only use the Brush Cleansing Foam and Pad to clean your brushes, you may want to rinse your brushes in water every few weeks to make sure no residue is accumulating. Although other brands of makeup brush cleaners might work with Artis brushes, they often contain very aggressive solvents and alcohol which can harm animal hair brushes. CosmeFibre is resistant to most chemicals, but you may want to be cautious when cleaning your conventional brushes with other brush cleaning formulas. You should avoid letting any brush, conventional or Artis, be soaked for an extended period of time submerged in liquid.

matthew waitesmith