What is CosmeFibre® and why do you use it?

Animal hair has many problems when used to apply cosmetics: the hairs degrade quickly; the structure of the hair causes it to pick up product but not release it as well; some hair works with powders but struggles with liquids and emollient formulas; and hair can cause skin sensitivities for about 10% of the population. So, rather than try to mimic animal hair, we instead created a filament that would avoid the issues of animal hair, and perform well with powders, liquids and emollients.  CosmeFibre® is an engineered, monofilament fibre that is constructed and shaped to offer superior performance when applying cosmetic and makeup products. After years of research and development, CosmeFibre® is engineered and manufactured to exacting standards, and the quality is the same no matter when you buy your Artis brush. Unlike animal hair, that is a crop, and changes quality from animal to animal and season to season. CosmeFibre® has been trademarked and is used exclusively by Artis for makeup brushes.