Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set, in Coffret

Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set, in Coffret


The newest Artis Design Collection is the Digit Collection. As the name implies, the shape of the handles for this Collection is inspired by the shape of the human finger, slightly bent as it applies using the finger tip. This remarkable Collection makes its partial debut in the form of a limited edition, specialized, 5 Brush Skincare Set, housed in a beautiful Coffret.

Artis developed the original CosmeFibre to replace animal hair and better apply makeup products. Artis has now tailored CosmeFibre into CosmeFibre SC [SC=skincare], an advanced proprietary fibre variation that incorporates additives/coatings that respond even better to more emollient formulas, like creamy or thick skincare formulas, serums and masks. The CosmeFibre SC manufacturing process creates fibres that deliver remarkable performance, and improve cleanup after use of emollient formulas.

The Artis Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set offers many unique attributes:

  • The patented Artis Digit Brush design includes angling the fibre bundle to be more perpendicular to the handle.
  • This orientation makes the brushes more ergonomic and easy to hold and manipulate.
  • Offers superior application of skincare formulas, including serums, moisturizers, tonics, treatments and masks
  • The new Digit Design Skincare Collection brushes use the proprietary CosmeFibre SC [SC=skincare], which is an engineered fibre tailored to perform exceptionally well with skincare formulas.
  • CosmeFibre SC still provides the Artis superior application performance for makeup product formulas as well.
  • Product application is more even and uniform, contributing to an enhanced result
  • Because product is more efficiently applied, less product is wasted by being trapped inside the fibre bundle
  • Ergonomic design offer User more precision, comfort and control during application
  • Sleek contemporary design is consistent with Spa-like aesthetic
  • Set is housed in a beautiful modular Coffret for either storage or presentation 
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