Brush Cleaning Pad, Premier Version

Brush Cleaning Pad, Premier Version


The patent-pending Artis® Brush Cleaning Pad, Premier features an antimicrobial-treated Microfibre Cloth with approximately one million fibre strands per square inch, which help gently grab and remove makeup product residue from the brush fibres. The chrome plated lid and base has a magnetic closure which helps hold the cloth platform in place so that the user can simply wipe the brushes across the surface of the cloth to clean and freshen. The cloth is removable, to wash or replace.

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“Clearing” or nominal cleaning use: when using mostly powder products, the Artis brushes can be “cleared” from one powder to another by simply wiping the brush tips several times across the dry surface of the microfiber cloth. This action pulls the powder residue from the tips, making the brush ready to accept another powder product for application. This method is particular useful when applying eye shadows and switching from one colour to another without the need to completely wash the brush.


“Full” cleaning use: apply a small amount of Artis Brush Cleansing Foam to the surface of the cloth or to the brush fibres. Dip the tips of the Artis Brush into the foam, then stroke/wipe the brush tips across the antimicrobial microfiber cloth until the makeup residue is transferred to the cloth, leaving the brush clean and sanitized. Reshape the brush, if necessary, and allow to dry. Drying generally takes only a few minutes.


To replace the microfibre cloth: open the hinged lid section by lifting the lid at the front magnetic latch/closure. Remove the cloth platform from the metai frame. The microfibre cloth is held onto the top section by an elasticized band. Pull/stretch the cloth away from the top section and discard appropriately. Place a new cloth over the top section by adjusting the elastic until it fits snugly. The loop/pile side of the cloth should face up. Replace the microfibre cloth platform back into the metal frame, and close the hinged lid until the magnetic closure engages. You should consider cleaning your brushes daily, or weekly, and replace the microfiber cloth with an appropriate frequency.