"Fashion is about good energy. It’s about feelings.” ~Adriana Lima

With the weather just starting to turn crisp and the runway looks from New York Fashion Week still fresh in our minds, it finally feels like Fall. With the new season around the corner, we will soon be trading in our studded sandals for leather boots, and sun dresses for wool cardigans. You may have already pulled out the first item in your wardrobe that makes you feel like fall is really here (for me, it’s a long sleeved hoody) and are happily riding the wave of transition into cooler weather. 

When it comes to good energy, fall has it together. While summer can be unbearably warm, spring fashionably late, and winter an extreme mix of polar vortex temperatures and holiday over-sentimentality, fall has a perfect balance and charm that is reflected in the styles we choose. There is intelligence in the air, swiftness, whether you are perfectly tailored and architecturally chic—think House of Cards’ Claire Underwood, or more carefree and new-Boho, like model Cara Delevigne.

Your inner rocker also has a chance to shine this season – zipper motorcycle jackets will be everywhere – and for that we can sing our collective hearts out. Continuing the athlete and fitness looks that have dominated throughout the summer, find a pair of seasonal bicycle gloves – the best being herbst fahrrad handschuhe, German for “hand shoes” — to keep yourself warm, protected and trendy when you’re cycling around the city.

Yes, it is definitely time for your favorite scarf.  Wear it well.

Artis Team