Brow Statement

Eyebrows define a face quite unlike anything else—just consider the faces of Brooke Shields and Audrey Hepburn whose striking brows echoed trends from the past, and are revisited now.

Studies have shown that the higher the contrast on a face, the more "female" it looks. Cultivating standout brows helps create contrast and interesting shape to the eye area. It helps beckon the observer to look at the eyes, which can be the most powerful part of the face.

A precisely or boldly shaped, darkened brow can work with any look—both with a neutral eye and lip for daytime or paired with a dramatic eye for night. Though it would seem that darkening might draw negative attention to unruly brows, filling them in actually helps to better define brows and tames or disguises the few hairs that might be out of place. How uniform the hair pattern is makes a statement about the emotional state of the person. Brows that seem random in pattern may suggest a carefree or innocent state. While brows that have hairs all perfectly in place suggest a very focused and deliberate person.

We are seeing a lot of brows these days that have very precise “tails” or the end portion of the brow that is closest to the temple or outside corner of the eye. This acts like punctuation on a sentence. It tells the viewer what emphasis you intend when they look into your eyes.

To groom or enhance the brow, you can use a pencil specifically manufactured for eyebrows or you can use a thin brush, like the Artís Linear 1, to apply a small amount of eye shadow into your brows. If your eyebrow hairs don’t keep the shape you want, there are a variety of wax-based shaper pencils or gel-based fluids on the market that help to hold brows in place and give them an invisible, polished finish. 

Artis Team