The Artis Touch: Day to Night

We know you’ve been watching the clock as it creeps towards five pm (or six or seven if you’re on a NY City schedule). Whether you’re off to grab a drink with your friends, or planning a night out on the town with a special someone, a few key cosmetics can refresh your look without weighing down your purse. Make your style transition from day to night look as good as it feels, with the right makeup touches.


Setting powder and a good quality makeup brush to apply it are your friends…fluorescent office lighting and industrial air conditioners are not. Use the Artís Oval 10 with a translucent powder to absorb oil and erase the evidence of your stressful day.


Eyeliner is the simplest way to create a sophisticated evening look—use a black liquid liner for a dramatic cat eye, or use the Artís Linear 1 with a dark powder to create a precise application with a softer touch.


Red lips create a polished look for any makeup statement. Use the Artís Circle 1R to apply product for a more natural look, or use the Circle 1 for crisply defined edges and the perfect pout. Choosing a long-lasting stain rather than a soft lipstick is a plus if you’re eating or drinking, since you don’t have to worry about accidentally reapplying it to your teeth or wiping half of it off.


Keep it simple—whatever your style, you’ll have a better time if you’re not worried about messing up your makeup or constantly checking if you need a touch-up. After all, a healthy confidence and a glowing smile are the perfect accessories for any look.

Jeremy Adelman