What colours will make your Brown Eyes Pop?

When people first meet, usually the initial focus of attention is the eyes. Romantics will say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Biologists will say we look into the eyes of the other to determine the body’s health status, or emotional state of the other person. Since everyone pays attention to them, why not take control over how they look, and enhance them?

We are often asked about how to make your eye colour look more intense, and one of the best methods incorporates scientific colour theory.

When colours are placed next to each other, they create a visual effect. You know that a dark colour next to a light one makes the contrast of each more noticeable and intense. And certain colours can make others look different if they are placed beside each other. A colour wheel can help you find out about complementary colours and you can use that knowledge to enhance your own eye colours. If you have predominately brown colours in your iris, then surrounding the brown with cool greens will make the brown look more rich and intense. Place eye shadow colours like Teal or Sea Foam Blue, or even Turquoise around the eye opening, and you will be surprised at how your brown eyes will pop.   

matthew waitesmith