What colours will make my Green Eyes Pop?

Many scientists believe that the colour green evokes calmness. Maybe it is because it is such a predominate colour on Earth. The great thing about green is it has so many variations, depending on what other colours are mixed in. Making your eyes the center of attention is always a powerful tactic to use. Others become mesmerized by the colour of your eyes, and you may even affect their emotional mood. From a colour theory point of view, the way to intensify a colour is to place it next to a complementary colour. If you use a colour wheel as reference, complementary colours are always opposite each other on the wheel. The complement of green are the colours red and orange and violet, depending on the exact green colour you pick. If your eyes are a green/blue, then using a rust or brick colour eye shadow will make your eye colour seem more intense. If your eyes are more of a warm green, the surrounding the eye opening with a violet eye shadow will make your green eye’s colour vibrate. Be sure and consider how dark or light your eye colour is, and then match that darkness/lightness value with the eye shadow products you pick. Your eyes will be the center of attention, all because you used some colour theory.   

matthew waitesmith