Lashing Out!

To lash or not to lash? That is the question. If you decide that you want to enhance the look of your eyes, letting your lashes Out may be the best single way to do it.

Making your lashes more noticeable can make the overall size of your eyes look much bigger, and bigger eyes attract more positive attention. There are a few things you will want to have control over. Lash shape/curve, lash density, lash colour, and lash length. If your lashes grow straight out or down over the eye opening, you should consider curling them outwards. A lash curler will do the trick and last for hours. The advantage of having the lashes radiate outwards from the eye opening is the illusion of a bigger eye, because the tips of the lashes visually become the outside perimeter of the eye area. If you don’t like the amount of lashes you have, you can use a mascara that has filaments in it, and when those adhere to each lash hair it temporarily increases the diameter of the hair making it look fuller. Adding false lashes to your own will double or triple the number and look of your lashes. When it comes to length, most mascaras don’t actually add any real length, and you are better off using false lashes that are longer than your own. Finally, to make the lash more noticeable, coat them with a mascara colour darker than you own hair [or even black] so they contrast against the white of the eye and the surrounding skin tone. Using these methods will make your lashes and eyes Stand Outs.    

matthew waitesmith