How to choose your best lip colour.

After first meeting someone, verbal communication starts and the mouth becomes a featured part of the face. We are drawn to the shape and colour of lips from the moment we see a baby. Their full lips with vivid colour please us, and as adults we sometimes want to recreate that look. Lips can be painted any colour with makeup, and some people believe that lips should match clothing or jewelry being worn. But the most classic way to colour a lip is to discover the basic, prime colour that is natural for you. Each person has programming in their DNA to produce certain colouring over their bodies. Skin, hair, eyes, and teeth colours make up your unique palette of colours. You can alter almost all of these if you want, but usually the strongest visual approach is to find ways to enhance/intensify your own colour palette. For your perfect lip colour, look for colour markers on your own body. Observe the colours of the tissue inside your mouth, the gums around your teeth, the underside of your lips. Then add in the colour of the bed of your fingernails, and observe the undertones of the circulation through the skin on the underneath part of your wrist. These colours will give you the base colour for your lipcolour; and then you just decide how dark or light you want the intensity, and coverage. Don’t forget that a symmetric lip will be seen as more pleasing, so adjust the shape of your lips using your lip colour products.    

matthew waitesmith