Does Makeup give you Power?

We might hate the idea that how someone looks gives them power, but human behavior and history tend to support the theory. Clinical testing continues to prove the visual appearance of a person can cause others to give them advantages in almost every aspect of social life. We might as well embrace the reality and explore how we can use the effect in our own lives to get more of what we want. Our obsession with makeup, grooming and fashion is no surprise. People who study how to create more pleasing images of themselves derive a social power from small alterations of their appearance.

One key approach to enhancing your visual power is to evaluate your face and body regarding three important visual aspects. Symmetry, Uniformity, and Contrast. Study after study has proven we respond more positively to objects and people who display these attributes. Most people do not have perfectly symmetrical faces, with top models being amoung the exceptions. Yet, test subjects score symmetrical faces as more beautiful than those which aren’t. Similarly, most people think a uniform skin colour and texture is more beautiful than skin that has random discolourations or different textures. And we also react more favourably to faces that have certain differences in contrasts [light and dark parts]. Luckily, makeup can enhance all three visual aspects, resulting in a face that looks more “beautiful” to most people. Beauty = Power.    

Artis Team